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Genevieve Brown

Inspired by Everything Around Me

Catching the light in my paintings is a way of showing the simple beauty in everyday things we might take for granted.  Envision the simple pleasure of walking down a leafy lane with dappled light shining through trees, a sunlit field, or flowers in a vase dancing in the sunlight.  Living with beautiful paintings that pay tribute to the world around us helps us slow down and appreciate what we have.

This is what inspires me to get into my studio and paint every day.

My attraction to light and bright colours is influenced by living in India and Texas where the strong sun brings colour to life.  I have been lucky enough to visit many different countries and to experience living in different cultures. I was born and raised in India, coming to live in England when I was twelve. I’ve also lived in Spain, Australia and Papua New Guinea and had many enjoyable holidays in Europe.


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